Photo: Northern Native Photography

Photo: Northern Native Photography

Spoke Events is a Detroit-based event planning company, designing beautiful events, tailored to you. 

At Spoke Events, we want to help you celebrate the most important days of your life - and do it in style. We all have a story, and Spoke Events is here to help you celebrate yours. Whether you're celebrating a new business, a birthday, welcoming a bundle of joy or planning a wedding, Spoke Events is here to make that gathering one that is memorable and designed around you and your story. 

Me? I'm Miranda, the founder and event designer at Spoke Events. I'm an event planner, blogger and coffee fanatic, living and working in Detroit. I like to think that my love for events comes from my nana. I remember staying the night at my nana and papa's house when I was younger, and even a sleep-over was never simple. She'd make a spread of all our favorite foods and have movies and cute pajamas ready to go. She made it an experience.

At the holidays, her house is decorated with the most beautiful trees, garland, and lights. She wanted to make it special for all the people who would walk through her doors during the holidays. 

As I grew up, I learned that I had the same knack for creating an experience that my nana did. Not only did I have a knack for it, I really loved it. And I loved people.

I combined those two loves by throwing birthday parties, helping with friends baby showers, styling friends weddings and even decorating the church for different holidays. I took it a step further and eventually interned with an event planning company. 

All of that lead me to Spoke Events, an event planning company dedicated to creating an experience that is designed to celebrate you in the most beautiful and authentic way. At Spoke, we want to get to know you and take the pressure of planning, off of your shoulders. We want to help you celebrate in a way that is uniquely you. 

Whether you're gathering for a dinner party to celebrate your new business, celebrating life or the joining of two lives, let Spoke Events help you. Tell us about you, your event, and inquire about pricing

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